Friday, October 11, 2013

Primary Graduation Certificates

Since they stopped making graduation certificates for Primary, I had to create some. These are based on the original ones the Church used to make. I made them bigger, so they could just be put on 8.5" X 11" cardstock. I can translate them into another language or shrink them. Let me know if you need them altered!

1 Per Page
   Word file here or
    PDF file here

2 Per Page
   Word file here or
    PDF file here



  1. Thank you!! I think these are great.

  2. I think these look great. Just an FYI for any readers though, the certificate is available through the MLS system, your ward clerk can print them out for you. He clicks on Reports/Forms from the MLS menu bar and then Certificates.
    I think yours are handy though, then you don't have to wait for the clerk to print them. :)

    I love your scripture cards and posters! Thanks for sharing.

    1. That is good to know. I talked to both the bishop and the ward clerk, and they told me I would have to make my own, thus the posting :)

    2. I had the clerk tell me the same thing after we looked and looked for the certificates. I think they were just added to the MLS this fall.

    3. I am the Primary Secretary and I have access to the certificates. It's pretty handy. It's all on MLS.

      How do I print the Certificate of Advancement?
      The certificate is available through the Member and Leader Services (MLS) system, accessible only to specific ward leaders. Have your ward clerk click on Reports/Forms from the MLS menu bar, and then click Certificates.

  3. Thank you for sharing!!!! Especially luv the spanish editions as there isn't much in Spanish out there! Blessings! Mil gracias!

  4. Could you do a half sheet size?

  5. I would love a half sheet size as well! Thanks!

  6. We love your certificate and want to use it but the lines are too close together for signatures without writing through the information printed under the lines.
    Can you please space them farther apart.

  7. I can't access the files. Is this still available??

  8. Me too! really hoping to download this if possible. Thanks so much!